Monday, April 8, 2013

For Allena :-)

2000- engaged!  

2001- Newlyweds
2002- with our Yorkie, Tootsie.  We were living in Amarillo at the time.

2003- Pregnant with Aubrey, at our first house in Temple.  Dave was in intern, so we were both a little tired that year!

2004- First Christmas with our precious girl!

2005- Loved this picture!  

2006- I look a *little* tired here...
2007- Kody and Candice have an amazing picture with the girls, but this is all we got.  No smiles, oh well!

2008- Dave's fellowship year in Iowa.  We drove down for Christmas.

2009- a glimpse into the craziness...

2011- The year I gave up and gave in....It's really more fun that way :-)   


Allena said...

Yay! Thanks! :) This is so great, I'm kind of bummed we don't have something like this.

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