Sunday, April 28, 2013

9, 6 & 3

We went to the annual Radiology crawfish boil last night and there were a bunch of resident wives all hanging out in a group with their new babies.  Someone asked me how old my kids are, and I almost did not believe myself as I rattled off "9, 6 & 3".  Seriously?  I feel like it wasn't that long ago that I was one of those resident wives bringing my 6 week old, Aubrey, to crawfish boil.  I even remember the sweet little outfit she wore there the first time.  Awww, memories.  I have nothing deep to add.  I am seriously just in shock at how old our kids are getting!!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

funny story...

So...the other morning we left the house early before school so I could take the kids to the new donut place that opened up in town.  Before we left, I grabbed Aubrey's adderall so she could take it with breakfast.  I was holding it in my hand when we ordered so I wouldn't lose it.  We got our donuts and kolaches and went back to the car (still holding the pill in my hand).  When I got in the car, I opened my Diet Coke and then proceeded to pop the adderall into MY mouth and swallow, without even thinking!!  Right after it went down, I looked at Aubrey in shock and told her that I had just taken her medicine.  From the backseat, Adelyn pipes in by saying, "WOW, mom.  You really are losing your mind."  And then, without skipping a beat, Aubrey says, "Well, at least you'll be really focused TODAY!"  Ha!!  It was pretty funny.  I am glad we left early enough to go back home for another pill before school started....and yes, I was a little more focused that day.  :-)

Monday, April 8, 2013

For Allena :-)

2000- engaged!  

2001- Newlyweds
2002- with our Yorkie, Tootsie.  We were living in Amarillo at the time.

2003- Pregnant with Aubrey, at our first house in Temple.  Dave was in intern, so we were both a little tired that year!

2004- First Christmas with our precious girl!

2005- Loved this picture!  

2006- I look a *little* tired here...
2007- Kody and Candice have an amazing picture with the girls, but this is all we got.  No smiles, oh well!

2008- Dave's fellowship year in Iowa.  We drove down for Christmas.

2009- a glimpse into the craziness...

2011- The year I gave up and gave in....It's really more fun that way :-)   

Sunday, April 7, 2013


My Great Aunt Joan started a tradition a long time ago to put a family picture from every Christmas in a photo album.  My parents have done this since their first Christmas together, and we started it with our first Christmas as an engaged couple.  It is fun to go back through the albums and see how we have all grown and changed.  I usually try to get a picture where everyone is looking at the camera, but starting last year I figured pictures like these were way more realistic (and so much easier to capture).  So, this is 2012's winner. :-)